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“I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

— Martin Luther, defending his writings in front of Emperor Charles V, in April 1521

This month we celebrate the 506th Anniversary of the Reformation — on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany. These were the differences Luther found between the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible. His refusal to recant these views would lead to him being excommunicated.

To commemorate this event, and remember its impact in launching the Protestant Reformation, pastor and church growth strategist Nelson Searcy wants to give you exclusive access to his Martin Luther Church Growth Champions Report.

Your FREE Church Growth Champions Report PDF ($19.95 value) dives into the details of Luther’s life, legacy and influence on our ministry today. Plus, you’ll be inspired by dozens of notable quotes from Luther that you can even print and pin up at your desk.

Scroll down to secure your free gift now — and remember that the Reformation that Luther started over 500 years ago is far from over!

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