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Save yourself time, effort and money with this FREE list of the top leadership and ministry books that you should be adding to your reading list.

If the quality of the books released this past year are any indication, 2024 is going to be a banner year of learning, reading and growing for all of us. In this list you’ll find:

  • Practical tools to evaluate your God-given gifts, talents and skills to use them to the full extent God desires.
  • An analysis of past conflicts in history to help you anticipate and navigate dangerous situations in the future
  • Comprehensive guidance for practical matters of life, from relationships to finances to setting goals and cultivating compassion!
  • Communication secrets from one of the best communicators in the world
  • A focus on evangelists through history to inform your own practice today!
  • Proven strategies for pastors who are leading their churches without assistance — and who need help and encouragement
  • The must-have manual for optimizing decision-making, gaining competitive advantage and living a more intentional life!
  • The keys to a thriving culture and how you as a leader can make a difference with just 3 simple rules
  • A fascinating examination of how God reveals Himself to us and how to apply these truths for your spiritual development
  • Timeless wisdom from the very best of Charles Spurgeon on pastoral ministry
  • Simple explanations of the most common hiring problems, as well as clear and practical solutions to each problem
  • An insightful guide to help pastors move their ministries from merely surviving to fully thriving!
  • And more!

PLUS: Pages of bonus content from Nelson on how to be a better reader!

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